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Sagging Rudické propadání

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Rudicke propadani is the name of the biggest sagging in Moravian Karst and the second largest cave system in the Czech Republic. The national natural monument “Rudnicke propadani” has been pronounced in 1992. It is 4,4ha large. This part of Moravsky kras lies on the village Rudice, originally a mining settlement. The local cave system has been created by water from the Jedovnicky stream, which drops to a rock wall in the end to well forth as far as after few kilometres under the mysterious Byci skala in the Josefovo udoli valley. The water drops to the depth of 86 meters. Other speciality is the Horni sucha passage leads to the underground, which goes as deep as 115 meters. It is a paradise for cavemen. Right besides the sagging a cave is opened for public with a wide dome and two entrances. The first goes via a foor bridge over Jedovnicky potok. The second one, rather impassable leads to the sagging. Space near the sagging is covered by slag which has been brought from a close iron-mill.